Hey, I am Spyros!

Spyros Vigkos

Front-End Developer | Web Development Expert

Spyros Vigkos | spiros.vigos@gmail.com | +30 6944 734 737

About Me

As a guy with a constant thirst for tech skills, I am accepting compelling challenges about modern or sophisticated technologies to experiment. As a professional call me an Entry-level Front-End Developer or Web WordPress Developer. After a strong decision in the begging of 2019, I decided to change my career path from digital marketing to what I really love to do… Making things happen using my technical ability and my new learning skills on front-end development! My career background and contribution to UX/UI improvement via Digital Marketing and Web Development positions, makes me eligible to collaborate with different stakeholders – clients' perspective & business perspective – to get results in projects. The combination of my passion for software & application development and my entrepreneurial mindset, create a smooth experience for the final user. I’m looking forward to embedding in my daily routine this passion in a professional workspace and take it to the next level of software development.


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